Video Games
BADA Space Station | Terahard Studios | Skip Skipperson (Announcer #1)
Brawl Stars | Supercell | Colonel Ruffs
King Arthur: Knight’s Tale | Neocore Games | Sir Kay, Guard #1, Lost Knight
Sacred Earth – Reverie | Sacred Star Team; MirageV | Solomos
Grand Guilds | Drix Studio & No Studio In Particular | Commander Johan
Masked Memory | Kenz Studio & Canaria Voice Productions | Masked Person & Officer #2

Polytek Corporate Explainer | Polytek | Narrator
\Hero Squad Radio Advert | My Hero Squad | Radio Narrator
CTEC Website Promotion | Uptown Studios Inc. | Strong Voiced Narrator
Farlight 84 Gameplay Trailer | Lilith Games & Miracle Games | Rob / Mascot Performer

(Speech Analysis) “The Every-day Life of Abraham Lincoln” by Francis Fisher Browne | Alex Rupert
“12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos” by Jordan B. Peterson | HotGhostWriter
“Hellhounds of the Cosmos” by Clifford D. Simak | Voices of Today
“Day Trading 101: How to Day Trade” by Aidan Botha | HotGhostWriter

The Green Cockatoo | The Online Stage | Grain, a Rogue
Blood Guilt: Orestes on Trial | The Online Stage | Agamemnon
St. Martin’s Summer | The Online Stage | Narrator
Hamlet – One Act | The Online Stage | Laertes
One Act Shakespeare: MacBeth | The Online Stage | Malcolm, Son of Duncan
Pride and Prejudice: A Play | The Online Stage | Colonel Forster
Americans at War | The Online Stage | Second Member & A Philanthropist
Boob von Boobenstein | The Online Stage | Official

Emperor Pigs Presents: Her Name is Jennifer | Postal Roach Productions | John
Emperor Pigs Presents: Bed Time | Postal Roach Productions | Jennifer
Emperor Pigs Presents: Wolf: Old Friends and New Friends | Postal Roach Productions | Crowd Goer #5
Luminaris Brimstone | Persephone Rose | TBA
Will Work for Caps | Razi the Red | Bandits

[Ben Diskin; Brook Chalmers | 2021] NEXT-GEN Voice Actors Workshops
[Rhonda Phillips | 2021] Commercial Reading Workshop
[Keith & Valerie Arem| 2020] The Business of Videogame VO Workshop
[Joe Loesch | 2020] The Unique You
[Crispin Freeman | 2019] Voice Acting Online Workshop
[Rachael Messer | 2019] Social Media Marketing Online Class

Recording Equipment
MICROPHONE: Neumann TLM 103 Large-diaphram Condenser Microphone
CHANNEL STRIP: PreSonus Studio Channel
INTERFACE: PreSonus Audiobox iTwo
SOFTWARE: Adobe Audition
Neumann TLM 103 > PreSonus Studio Channel > PreSonus AudioBox iTwo > Adobe Audition

Live-Direction Options
Source Connect, Skype, Phone, or other requested service.
Please contact for further information

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