High quality products demand enticing, professionally crafted narration! As such, you shouldn’t just settle for the average “go-of-the-market” voice actor. With a rich, dynamic, and quite charming voice, I am certain that I’ll be able to provide the audio that you know your project deserves! Whether you have a project that lies within commercial, character, radio, or any other kind of voice over, look no further!

Being raised as a military kid, I’ve had my fair share of experiences around the world. Whether it be Germany, Japan, or someplace in-between, I’ve likely spent time there and have plenty of stories to tell. While traveling the world, I’ve been able to experience the many different cultures of each place that I have visited. During which I’ve grown quite a fondness for the entertainment industry and grew hopes in pursuing a job within acting.

Venturing into my voice acting career, it became quite apparent that high-fantasy stories and grandiose adventures have been quite a favorite of mine. Being able to tell a story unlike any other is a privilege that I greatly appreciate and wouldn’t be able to experience had I not started my career in voice acting.

When I’m not busy narrating from my personal recording booth, I’m enjoying games and films while further growing my appreciation for the arts. I also make sure to work in a good session of rock-climbing/bouldering when I can. If you have a new television commercial or character role you would like me to fill, please reach out to me. I would love to be able to work with you and help create what you envision. It also gives me one more thing to check out and share with friends when I’m out of the booth!

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